Meet the Team

Hannah Abad

Co-Founder & Lead Coach

My name is Hannah and I am a co-founder and lead coach here in The Freedom Journey. I have a deep calling to see people operate in health, freedom and excellence and I've been privileged to support people in that through coaching for the last 12 years. When I dove into coaching, I quickly discovered a love for the actionable and results oriented focus that it facilitates.

What is crazy is that with all of those tools and skills at my disposal and a life-long active faith in God and integration into Christian community, I was still navigating a lot of internal emotional pain and mental battles. The struggles I was wrestling with stemmed from a number of traumatic experiences in my life, some even coming from my religious environment and I hit a breaking point in 2018 that led me to a life changing breakthrough process into freedom that changed the trajectory of my life. It brought healing to my health, my marriage, my parenting, my mental health, everything. God proved Himself, yet again, to be my safe place and truly brought beauty from ashes.

From that point, I knew clearly that God was inviting me to share my freedom and the tools I gained from it through coaching and it is my honor to serve in that capacity here at The Freedom Journey!

Derek Abad

Co-Founder/ Operations / Coach

Hey there, I'm Derek, and I'm genuinely thrilled to be a part of The Freedom Journey. My journey here had some unexpected twists, as life often does. Growing up, I had a connection with God but lacked guidance on building a relationship with Christ, largely due to my limited exposure to the Catholic Church.

Fast forward a bitā€”I spent a decade in the Navy, served on multiple deployments, and had a pretty successful career. I was the poster child for chasing worldly success, always striving for what society told me mattered most. I was all about performance in every aspect of my life.

But beneath the surface, I was battling addiction, lust, anger, and jealousyā€”struggles I brought into my marriage and tried to keep hidden. Unsurprisingly, this took a toll on my relationship with my wife.

My turning point came when I stumbled upon C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters." It hit me like a ton of bricksā€”I was being oppressed by years of wounds and a mountain of lies I had come to believe.

Shortly after this revelation, I crossed paths with Brady, who shared his own experience of freedom and deliverance. It shook me to my core, and I distinctly heard the Lord calling me to embark on this journey. I won't lie; I was scared at first, afraid of what would surface and how my wife would react.

But going through The Freedom Journey changed everything. I shed the feeling of being a fraud at church and began to understand my worthiness of God's blessings in my life.

Years later, I'm on fire to help others find this same freedom in Christ. It's an incredible privilege to serve with The Freedom Journey, and I'm beyond excited about where the Lord is taking us and the lives He'll touch through this journey.

Julie Duke


Hello, I'm Julie, and I am thrilled to be a Coach on The Freedom Journey team, where I have the incredible opportunity to help people discover true and everlasting freedom in Jesus. My own journey to freedom began in 2016, amidst circumstances that seemed to close in on all sides. It was in that moment of feeling overwhelmed that I realized the normal Christian life I had been living wasn't bringing the freedom I desired.

I came to the realization that simply calling myself a Bible-believing Christian wasn't enough. I had been masking my pain, fears, and anxieties with Scripture and worship music, but it wasn't truly addressing the core issues. It was through surrendering to the Holy Spirit's work of uprooting my pain, fears, and the lies of the enemy that I experienced a radical transformation in my Christian walk.

Now, I live in the reality of Jesus' sacrifice for my sins, right here on earth. My mind is clear, my parenting is filled with peace, and my marriage has deepened into an incredibly life-giving union. I can't help but exclaim that Jesus is truly amazing! It is my passion and joy to guide others on their own journey to discover the profound freedom that comes from walking in the truth of who they are in Christ.

Join me on The Freedom Journey, and let's embark together on a path of transformation, unlocking the fullness of life that Jesus has promised us.

Brady Duke


Hey, everyone! I'm Brady, and I am beyond honored to be a coach with The Freedom Journey. It's a tremendous privilege to walk alongside others in their journey with Jesus, as we pursue the incredible freedom promised to us on this side of heaven. Let me take you on a glimpse into my own story.

Growing up, I was deeply rooted in the church, but as I ventured out into the real world, I quickly realized that I wasn't as prepared for the challenges ahead as I had hoped. For nearly a decade, I served as a Navy SEAL, where I faced numerous trials and struggles. During this time, I grappled with my own identity and struggled to live out my true purpose.

Despite my familiarity with Jesus and His mission, there were sin patterns that seemed to have an unbreakable hold on me, keeping me trapped in shame, loneliness, and pride. No amount of church activity, serving others, or training could reach the depths of my heart that were in desperate need of transformation. The fear and pain I carried had become my normal, and I had no idea that it could be lifted off my shoulders.

However, through a faithful journey of being shepherded by mentors who helped me experience the heart of the Father, embrace practical repentance, understand the liberating power of forgiveness, and uproot the years of influence from the world and my own sin, I have discovered a level of freedom that I never thought was possible. Let me tell you, friends, it is truly life-changing.

Jesus is the one who sets us free. He paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and He has the authority to do it if we wholeheartedly surrender to Him. This process of healing and restoration is one that I am deeply passionate about, as I serve others on The Freedom Journey. Each person's story is unique and beautiful, but the amazing thing is that Jesus knows your story intimately. He desires to see all of us healed, made whole, and set free.