Our Story...

In 2017, each of us were in a deep place of pain for various reasons, feeling hopeless, exhausted, and frustrated.

We were struggling to hold on to hope or believe things could change. But then, we experienced a freedom that was undeniable, truly healing, and completely transformed our lives.

Our marriages were restored, our families were changed, and most importantly, our individual relationships with Christ were renewed.

As we began to share our stories and experiences, we realized that there were so many others out there who were struggling with the same pain and hopelessness that we had felt. So, in 2018, with full hearts and a deep calling to serve others, we, as individuals on the Freedom Journey team, felt a compelling need to equip ourselves for the journey of freedom and deliverance ministry. This involved attending freedom conferences, seminars, immersing ourselves in relevant literature, and putting into practice the techniques for leading people towards healing.

That training has helped inform some of the proprietary TFJ coaching process that utilizes neuroscience and trauma-informed tools, developed over 12 years of coaching and backed with training and certifications. Additionally, our program's framework is a result of collective wisdom, incorporating insights from pastors, leaders, and experts in our community. This thoughtful approach not only facilitates personal healing but also ensures comprehensive aftercare support and long-term resilience. We're committed to providing you with scriptural truth and knowledge to impact your life in a profound way that pours over into the community and people around you.

In 2019, Brady and Julie Duke launched Intervene Ministries, providing healing and deliverance ministry to those in need. At the same time, Derek and Hannah Abad launched House on Hill Ministries, also providing healing and deliverance ministry to those seeking freedom.

After four years of consistently dedicating over 1000 hours each to freedom ministry, serving separately in our own ministries, and having a greater desire to serve a larger community of Christians, we came together to design and create The Freedom Journey. We knew that there was a need for a program that would guide individuals through their journey to true freedom, and we wanted to use our experiences and expertise to make that happen.

Our team has a deep passion for guiding others to freedom, and we all feel called by God to build this ministry for others to experience the same freedom we have received. We believe that every person has the potential for true and lasting freedom in Christ, and we are committed to helping them experience it.

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